About Us


Humble beginnings
In December of 2006 while fasting and praying about the direction of a construction business, the Lord turned us unexpectedly in a completely new direction.  CenterPeaceStone was birthed with much excitement.  The pictures above show our first mold being designed.

The Lord is Faithful
JAN 2008.  The Lord has continued to increase our vision in this ministry.  We have moved into a small warehouse to allow more capacity of tablets. We now have many faith witnessing products to give the Lord Glory including billboard sized banners, laser etched granite, flags, posters, picture art, all in addition to our tablets!  We hope to expand our resin line to improve our volume capability.   

Dry Times
JAN 2009.  As we all know, desert experiences come and go, late in 2008 was a tough year for this ministry.  We have drastically reduced our product line and will need to make some changes to adapt to our circumstances. 

The Lord never fails us
JAN 2010. I could write a short book on the ups and downs of this ministry!  We could try and place all blame on the devil trying to keep God's word under a blanket.  However, God was also working on our hearts.  We had to totally let go of the ministry and re-focus on other jobs.  We had no choice.  That is where God stepped in!  We've all heard the saying, "let go and let God".  Easy preaching and hard living!   From a ministry/business perspective, we are finally operating in the black. Praise God.  We have Ten Commandment displays in over 20 states and the Lord has placed it on our hearts to focus on larger more prominent displays erected next to interstates or busy streets.
Still going
JULY 2011.  We should say "still going - stronger than ever". Just as the Lord put on our hearts last year, the larger displays is creating lots of interest in the church world.  Pastors are excited about the opportunity that CenterPeaceStone offers their church to promote the Love of God to all who pass by their church.

Things are getting exciting
JAN 2017.      Displays have been placed all over the country now.  We are making strides in spreading the word and driving more people to this site and our sister sites that promote the display of the Ten Commandments.  Please Help Us Spread the Word!! Thank you all!!

We have removed the following pictures several times, only to find we keep adding them back again.  Our intent is not to mis-lead anyone, but to convey our heart.  We are not full-time missionary's, nor full time in the Ten Commandments Ministry, matter of fact, we both have day jobs to keep the bills paid.  However, our hearts are evangelistic and we both desire to be in the full time ministry, when and however the Lord directs.  We decided to keep a few mission trip pictures on this site in order for you to get to know us a little more before you entrust us with building a monument for your church or business.  The bottom line, this is a ministry, but one day, we hope it becomes full time for us both!

These young children were at the right place at the right time!  New clothes!!
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